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One Last Surprise

by on Apr.12, 2010, under NSFW

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in MicroFantasy Monday, so please excuse me if I’m a little rusty, but here’s my attempt at taking on the theme of “Opening”:

We were lying on my bed, half-clothed. She interrupted our hot and heavy makeout session and ordered me to sit up, close my eyes and put out my hands. I did as she requested, always eager for a surprise. I heard her rustling around in her bag and then a light package was placed into my hands.

“Open,” she demanded.

I opened my eyes and stole a glimpse of her gorgeous breasts, a sight which made my clit throb, before looking down at the box. It was long & thin, wrapped nicely with a bow.

As I tore open the paper, I asked, “What is this for?”

“No special reason, just something I thought we could have fun with.”

I got the wrapping paper off and lifted off the lid of the box.

*gasp* “A spreader bar?”

She leaned down and kissed me deeply, tongue darting around my mouth. As her lips parted from mine, she whispered, “Yes, love. I want to see you opened for me. Now finish stripping.”

Always incredibly turned on by her forceful side, I quickly slid off my jeans and panties. She ran her fingers lightly over my bare pubic lips, causing my hips to arch and a gasp to escape my lips.

She pushed me back down on the bed and removed the bar from it’s box. She attached one cuff to my left ankle, kissing my foot tenderly. Then she roughly grabbed my right knee and pushed my thighs apart, buckling the other side of the spreader bar to my right ankle.

She stood back and examined me and, apparently not satisfied with the results, slid the spreader bar apart until it was locked in an even longer position. Again, she stood back and examined her work.

I had never been this wide open for anyone before, never been examined so clinically like this. I felt utterly mortified. A warm flush invaded my cheeks and I wished she would just get it over with.

A small smirk played on her lips. “Yes, I think that will do.” She bent forward and kissed my neck, fingers playing along my open lips. “You have such a pretty pussy, my love. The prettiest I’ve ever seen. One last surprise for that pretty pussy, though…”

She turned and grabbed my Throe from beside the bed, pushing it under my ass. Then she reached into her bag again and pulled out a large bottle of lube. She opened up the bottle and poured some onto her fingers and then began working it into my pussy.

She looked at me, a twinkle playing in her eye. “I know you’ve been fantasizing about being fisted. Tonight, we’re going to make that fantasy a reality. You WILL open up for me, won’t you?”

I moaned in anticipation and agreement as she set to work.

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