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Review: Pleasure Tape

by on Nov.23, 2011, under NSFW, Reviews

I’m a fan of light bondage, and I’ve wanted to get into learning shibari, but when I saw this Pleasure Tape on the Adam & Eve site, I thought that it would be a great start to out in bondage.

I received my tape in the mail and was excited to try it out, so that very night, The Man and I opened it and tried it out. I first unwound the tape a little bit and felt it and was surprised that even though it looks like black duct tape, it doesn’t feel like it at all. The tape is made out of PVC and does not have the typical sticky tape feel – it feels just like plastic and it sticks only to itself.

To try it out, the Man bound my wrists behind my back with it and went to work on my ass with his hand and the flogger. I struggled, trying my best to break or at least loosen the tape, but it was stuck tight. Once we were done playing, The Man unwound the tape from my wrists and we found that even though the tape stuck tight to itself, it was easy to peel off, and it did not stick at all to my skin or to the hair on my arms.

I next got a chance to try out this great bondage product at a play date I had lined up a few days later. It was my first time topping, so I was nervous, but I really wanted to try out some bondage with my gorgeous bottom, so I brought the tape along. I also wanted to try out an idea I was thinking of that involved a little more bondage – I used the tape to gag my bottom, wrapping it around her head with no worries that it would stick to her hair, and I bound her arms against her torso, leaving her tits available for torture.

My plan worked out fairly well (my execution was a little off, but it was my first time!), and the tape held my bottom tight while I executed my evil plans. I was able to use scissors to easily cut off the tape from her body and I unwrapped the tape from around her head and, again, there was no sticking to skin or to hair. We both enjoyed the tape and the play date immensely.

Some details on the product:

Price: Currently on sale for $7.95!

Material: PVC

Dimensions: 2″ thick x ?? Neither the package nor the Adam & Eve website say how many feet of tape is on the roll.

Longevity: This tape can theoretically be used over and over again, but it gets sweaty and wrinkled and if you use a lot of the tape, it may be difficult to peel off, resulting in you having to cut it.


My Conclusion: I am completely in love with this product and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes bondage and wants an alternative to rope.

I am happy to give this product 5 out of 5 Happy Bamboos.





Disclaimer:I have a material connection and receive products, as in-kind payments, from Adam & Eve for review.

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