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Ma’am’s Turn (First Meeting Part 3)

by on Feb.27, 2013, under NSFW

I was awoken with a stinging SLAP across my cheek. I gasped and opened my eyes, groggily looking around to find the source of the slap.

Ma’am stood in front of me, stark naked except for the large strap-on dildo that was in her hand. I could tell by the look on her face that it was that dildo that she had slapped me with. I noticed that Sir had somehow snuck out from beneath me as I slept and was now not in the room.

“Well, Pet?” she looked at me expectantly. “You’ve slept long enough, and this cock isn’t going to suck itself.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I responded obediently, and I dropped down onto my knees in front of her. I started to slowly take her cock in my mouth, but she grabbed the back of my head and shoved it towards her, pressing the cock deep into my throat and making me gag and tear up.

I instinctively reached up and grabbed her hips to try to push her back, and she slapped me hard on the cheek. “NO, Pet,” she admonished. “You will take everything I give to you. Do you understand?”

I looked up at her stern face with tears in my eyes – a mixture of tears from gagging, the sting of the slap, and from the shame of disappointing her – and nodded my understanding as best I could with her cock buried deep in my throat.

Her face softened and she stroked my hair. “You are a good Pet, you just need to learn. Hands behind your back. Arch your back so that your tits are on display.”

I instantly obeyed, and she smiled. She slid her cock out of my throat a few inches and then, without warning, slammed it back into my throat. I gagged and teared up again, but I managed to keep my hands behind my back.

Ma’am smiled brilliantly down at me and pulled her cock all the way out of my mouth. She leaned down and kissed me deeply and wetly. My heart swelled and my cunt ached with her kiss. She pulled away too soon for my liking, but she stood up, stuck her cock back in my mouth, and called out, “Honey, we’re ready for you in here!”

Sir walked in from the next room, also naked, and smiled at me. “Well, isn’t this a sight.” He kissed Ma’am on the mouth and reached down to tweak one of my bare nipples between his fingers. “Does she have you all lubed up?”

Ma’am looked down as she pulled the cock from my mouth again. It was dripping with my saliva. “Yes, it looks like she does.”

“Fantastic,” Sir replied. “So, my dear, what do you have in store for our Pet?”

“You,” she directed at Sir, “need to be on the floor, on your back.”

Sir raised his eyebrow curiously, but then did as she said.

“And you,” she was now looking at me, “need to go down on your hands and knees, your pussy above his face and your mouth above his cock.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I responded happily, and I took the position that I was ordered to take.

“And now,” continued Ma’am, as I felt her kneel behind me, “I will be…” She shoved her dildo HARD into my ass, causing me to cry out. “…here.”

Sir piped up from underneath me, “Why, darling, I love the way you think!”

“Yes,” she teased, “I’m sure you do. Now get to sucking on our Pet’s pretty little clit while I fuck her ass. And, Pet, you need to get started sucking on his cock.”

My mouth met the tip of Sir’s cock just as his tongue met my clit and Ma’am plunged deep into my ass. I moaned loudly as I brought lips down around Sir’s cock. I slid my mouth all the way down his shaft until his cock was deep in my throat, and he hummed against my clit. Between feeling Ma’am’s cock thrusting in and out of my ass, her hands caressing my back, the feel of Sir’s cock in my mouth, and the amazing way he attacked my clit with his mouth, it wasn’t long before I felt an orgasm building.

Ma’am picked up on my moaning cues and knew I was getting close. “No, Pet, you do not have permission to come yet. You must first earn and swallow Sir’s load.”

I whimpered, trying to hold back the orgasm as I worked my mouth faster up & down Sir’s cock. He didn’t let up on my clit, nor did Ma’am let up in my ass, and I thought for sure I would come before I had permission and that I would be punished.

Ma’am, being the benevolent owner that she is, helped to distract from my pleasure by adding pain – she began to deliver sharp, stinging slaps to my ass.

I focused through the pleasure and pain and as I sucked Sir’s cock, I reached one hand down below his balls and sunk one finger in his ass. He bucked his hips, crying out against my pussy, and his cock throbbed and shot warm cum deep into my throat.

As I swallowed, Sir returned his mouth to sucking on my clit, and Ma’am ordered me to come. “Now, Pet. Now you will come for me.”

She thrusted one last time into my ass and my orgasm broke over me, flooding through my body. The flood found it’s way out of my pussy and all over Sir’s face. As he now swallowed *my* cum, Ma’am pulled out of my ass, tore off her strap-on, and pushed me down, with my back onto the floor. She straddled my face and pushed her pussy down onto my mouth.

“LICK,” she insisted, and I did not resist. I began to eat Ma’am’s pussy like the delicacy it was, and within minutes, she was grinding her pussy into my face, riding my face, using my face to pleasure herself. She moaned loudly, a shudder went through her body, and she released. I lapped her up, swallowing her juices, reveling in how tasty she was.

When she was done with me, she moved off of me and leaned down to give me a kiss.

“Such a good Pet,” she cooed against my lips.

Sir reached down and pulled both of us up. “My girls are so amazing.” He kissed each of us. “And we are going to have SO much more fun this weekend, but for now, we all VERY much need a shower!”



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