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A Story for Sir

by on Jan.17, 2013, under NSFW

I arrive at your office building and walk through the lobby, noticing people watching me walk by. I’m wearing a tight sweater dress, lowcut, leggings, and knee-high high-heeled boots. My hair is up, and I’ve done my makeup just for you.
I walk straight to your office, where I find the door closed. I knock lightly and hear you say, “Come in.” I open the door and peek around it and see you sitting at your desk on the phone. You motion to me that you’ll be off soon.
I come in and shut the door behind me. Silently, I walk towards your desk, enjoying your hungry eyes on me as I do. When I reach you, I kiss you lightly on the neck and then push your desk chair back a bit, just enough to allow me to crawl in underneath your desk. I pull your chair back to where it was and run my hands up your legs to your thighs. I hear your voice catch as you’re talking on the phone. I slide my hands further up your thighs to your groin, rubbing your semi-hard cock through your pants. I lean forward and kiss your cock through your pants, loving the feeling of it growing harder against my lips.
You clear your throat and hastily end your phone conversation. You reach down beneath the desk and grab a handful of my hair, pulling HARD. “You are a naughty girl, pet. That was my boss I was on the phone with and you could have gotten me in a lot of trouble.”
“I’m sorry, Sir, but I just couldn’t wait. I need your cock in my mouth. I’ve been craving it all day. You can punish me severely later, but I just HAVE to have it!”
Your voice softens a bit, your grip on my hair relaxes. “Well, who am I to deny my beautiful pet? I WILL punish you later on, but for now, I will let you have what you want.”
“Oh thank you, Sir! Thank you!!” I reach up and unbuckle your belt and unzip your fly. I reach into your boxers and pull out your hard cock, gasping at the sight of it. I run my hand over it’s silky smoothness and I kiss the tip, then run my tongue over your head.
I then put my lips tightly around your shaft and slide all the way down, gagging slightly as the tip of your cock hits the back of my throat. I slide back up, swirling my tongue around your shaft and your head. I reach one hand into your boxers to pull your balls out, and I take my mouth off of your cock and run my tongue over your balls as I stroke your cock with my hand.
I suck one ball into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it, sucking slightly.
You moan and your fingers wrap into my hair again. Hearing you enjoying yourself and being in this enclosed space where I can smell your musk makes me instantly wet.
I suck your other ball into my mouth now, too, and I worship them with my tongue while my hand pumps your shaft faster.  After spending plenty of time loving your balls, I pop them out of my mouth and return my mouth to your cock and my hand massages your balls. I lick and suck up the length of your shaft, popping the head of your cock in and out of my mouth, and then I plunge my mouth down to the base of your cock again, and I continue to deep throat you as you start to moan more loudly. Your hand pushes on the back of my head insistently, pressing your cock to the very depths of my throat, making me gag around you, my throat tightening around your cock.
I pull my head back to take a breath, and then I plunge my mouth back down, up and down your shaft, so slippery with my spit, and I roll my tongue around your head. I go faster & faster, massaging your balls a little more intensely, knowing by the sounds you’re making that you’re about to cum.
“Fuck, my little slut, I’m going to cum!” You pull my head all the way down onto your cock again as you shoot your load deep into my throat. I swallow and continue milking your cock to get every last drop out of you.
Finally, you use my hair to pull my mouth away from your cock, and as you situate yourself back into your pants, I wipe the saliva from my mouth.
When you’re all zipped up & buckled, you scoot your chair back from the desk and reach a hand under to pull me out. You pull me up onto your lap and kiss me deeply. I wrap my arms around your neck and melt into your kiss. You break the kiss and I nestle into you, head on your chest. You kiss the top of my head and hold me while you catch your breath.
“You’re such a good little slut,” you whisper.
“Yes, Sir. YOUR good little slut.”
You push me up off of your lap and slap my ass. “Now get that cute ass out of here. I will see you at home tonight and you WILL be punished.”
“Yes, Sir,” I respond, and I walk out of your office, happy now that I’ve been fed my Sir’s cum.


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